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Paintings by Fleur Palau
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Read more about Fleur Palau at or at the Portsmouth Herald.

Two Rabbits The Lesson


Fleur Palau, Italian trained painter and sculptor, lives and works in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, USA.

Palau’s mediums as a painter include, oil and pastel. The work is figurative and realist with an emphasis on color and light and the study of form. The landscape series set in Italy are strong and original in vision. The focus is on a portrayal of the rural landscape, fast diminishing in the expansion of the modern world.

Palau’s sculptures are a study in relationships through a study in form. This series of new carvings in marble reveal the tension and compromise present in all things. The richness of form is enhanced by the beauty and luminosity of the Statuary Marble.

Palau offers workshops in landscape painting and stone carving during July and August in Italy every year. The workshops take place near her home in the hills of Northern Tuscany, where she has lived and worked for 17 years. The courses include on site demonstrations and visits to the quarries. Palau's work is currently exhibited in Italy and the USA.

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