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Paintings by Jo Orise
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Orise Red Tractor


Jo's works include watercolors, oils, pencil, pen and ink. Some works are reproduced as prints.

Over the years, Jo studied art under the guidance of some of Southern Maine's professional artists. Later, she earned a degree in Art Education from the University of Southern Maine.

Her exhibitions include solo and group shows from Augusta to Kennebunkport, Maine and New Hampshire's Wolfeboro area. Her works hang in private collections across the United States. Her largest commission was a painted, glazed, and fired tiled mural for a decorator's Kennebunkport home.

Jo reflects on her early childhood: "At the age of five, I was awed by my mother's sketches of the human figure. I thought she was magical." With a pencil and paints in hand, Jo soon began her own artful explorations.
The human figure still facinates Jo as she sometimes weaves it into her art.

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