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Art by Robert DeMario
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Wolfeboro Harbor Church and Bridge


DeMario studied to be an illustrator at the New York Phoenix School of Deisn and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine arts at the College of New Rochelle, NY, in 1977. He has been a professional graphic designer and illustrator, producing cards, paper products, t-shirts, and other fabric design.

He has had various jobs doing pasteups and mechanicals for companies such as J.C. Penny, Grosset & Dunlap, and the Simplicity Pattern Company. He also worked in security operations at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York, which he says had a profound influence on his work. This gave him the opportunity to view the works of the modern masters of art on a daily basis.

"In my cut paper collage work, I try to acheive an impression of a scene in flat graphic shapes in paper. I feel comfortable working this way. I am more interested in creating visually stimulating shapes of paper than realistic-looking objects on paper,"' DeMario said. I have worked with cut paper collage all my life. I continue to find new ways to express myself in my work in a sometimes flat and graphic way and at other times in a three-dimensional way. Working with simple graphic shapes is a tremendous, tedious challenge, just the way I like it.

I grew up loving the artwork of Roy Lichtenstein, Ellsworth Kelly, and Henri Matisse. I owe my style of working to being profoundly influenced by their lives and their art. Doing my collage art is a great sense of comfort anf joy to me. I hope I can still create collage art well into my eighties. It is so much a part of me that I can't ever imagine being unable to physically execute my artwork," DeMario noted.

Since moving to Wolfeboro from New York he has shown work in many galleries including most recently the Taylor Kumminz Gallery in Portsmouth, Freedom Village Store in Freedom, and England's and The Blue Shutter Gallery, both in Wolfeboro.

His artwork is also in galleries in Rockport, Mass., and in South Hampton. Among his subjects are wildlife, sailboats, downtown Wolfeboro and the M.S. Mount Washington.

His sculpture is made from pieces of wood that he fits together in a 3-D way that is similar in idea to his flat cut-paper shapes, excpet in a more abstract manner. The final product is then painted all over unless the pieces are driftwood which are left natural. He counts among his influences sculptors Lousie Nevelson and David Smith.

DeMario has exhibited for the past four years in the Governor Wentworth Arts Council's Artists in the Park. He is also available for commissioned work.

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